Facebook is home to millions of potential buyers and it’s important to tweak your ads to ensure the leads continue to pour in. If it is time to generate new customers, start with the best practices listed in this guide.

1) Broad vs. Specific Targeting

Targeting is an essential component of running Facebook ads. It’s important to have a clearly defined audience that is going to see the ads. Otherwise, it is impossible to generate good returns and it becomes difficult to continue pumping money into new ad sets. It’s recommended to understand what the target audience is all about before running new ads. This can ensure the ads do generate good results when they are put up.

2) Focus on the Objective

What is the objective when it comes to the ads?

There is nothing worse than having the wrong objective in relation to what the ads are supposed to do. For example, are the ads supposed to drive traffic to a company website? Are they supposed to generate sales on a sales page? These are important questions to inquire about and have in mind when it is time to create a brand-new campaign. Focus on setting the right objective as that will allow Facebook to put the ads in front of those who are willing to do what you want them to.

3) Budget Optimization is Important

How much money is going to be spent on the ads?

It’s important to set a budget and then make sure to send a certain amount on each ad type. This will provide new data to help optimize what you show to the target audience. Cut out the ones that don’t deliver results and continue with those that are gaining traction. This will lead to an improved conversion rate based on your objective.

4) Go Mobile-Friendly

Is the ad as mobile-friendly as it needs to be or is it missing something that will help bring in mobile traffic?

A lot of ads on Facebook don’t do a good job of this and that takes away from their efficiency. Take the time to make sure the ads work well on mobile devices and are put in front of mobile audiences. This is a must when it comes to generating better results.

5) Use Placement Optimization

Placement is a must when it comes to optimizing an ad. The goal is to ensure the ad is being put on various devices. Once you have new data incoming from the different ads, you can start to cut out the ones that don’t convert as easily.

6) The Copy Should Match Your Visual

Your copy should sync with what is being shown in the visual. If you are looking to go professional, it makes sense to have a professional visual. Balance is key when it comes to any ad on Facebook. Otherwise, the target audience will ignore what is being said to them.

7) Use One Call-to-Action Per Ad

A good call-to-action (CTA) is wonderful but it is possible to overdo things. You don’t want to inundate the audience with CTAs because that becomes cumbersome after a while.

Put in a single CTA and make sure it says what it needs to say.

Final Thoughts

These are the best practices to keep in mind when it comes to Facebook ads and ensuring they work out as intended. There is a lot to think about in a situation such as this and the best marketers are the ones who take the opportunity to leverage a platform’s potential with a strategic setup. Use these practices and know you are heading in the right direction.

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